There’s a New Look in Old Town…in 2015

By bcchrisc • October 17th, 2014

Alexandria’s recent designs for its Robinson Terminal project have been put on hold for being “too trendy.” According to the Board of Architectural Review, the designs for the nine multi-family, mixed-use buildings are “generic or trendy magazine-inspired designs.” Once the plans are confirmed, the project will be sent to City Council for building to begin in 2015. The real question: What does this mean for the growth of Alexandria?

In Alexandria, we are surrounded by historic architecture. We are not Arlington and never will be. But, with the ever growing population of young adults swarming our city, is trendy the new norm? This debate can go both ways. Many want city expansion and a more urban vibe which would include more chain retail stores, restaurants, and gyms. Though, others want to keep the significant cobble streets that line our city. How do you feel?

Source: Alexandria Project Rejected for being Too Trendy 

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