D.C. Beer Scene is Growing

October 24th, 2014 • By: bcchrisc Community, News

It’s no secret that breweries have taken off in the DC area in the past couple of years. With the metropolitan area vastly expanding and most recently being called the “#1 Destination in 2015,” by Lonely Planet, beer tours are the new wine tastings.

A new company called, D.C. Beer Tours, is offering coordinated brewery tours with some of the regions top destinations for $85 a ticket. Killing two birds with one stone, this would offer patrons a chance to explore a brewery and not worry about a ride back and forth. The tour also includes a lunch or dinner paired with 15 different types of beer, depending on your ticket.

If you live on the outskirts of D.C., our friends at Port City also offer beer tastings Thursday through Sunday (with reservations) for only $10 a person! Nothing says October quite like a beer tasting.

Source: New Brewery Tours Launch in D.C. 

There’s a New Look in Old Town…in 2015

October 17th, 2014 • By: bcchrisc Community, News, Real Estate

Alexandria’s recent designs for its Robinson Terminal project have been put on hold for being “too trendy.” According to the Board of Architectural Review, the designs for the nine multi-family, mixed-use buildings are “generic or trendy magazine-inspired designs.” Once the plans are confirmed, the project will be sent to City Council for building to begin in 2015. The real question: What does this mean for the growth of Alexandria?

In Alexandria, we are surrounded by historic architecture. We are not Arlington and never will be. But, with the ever growing population of young adults swarming our city, is trendy the new norm? This debate can go both ways. Many want city expansion and a more urban vibe which would include more chain retail stores, restaurants, and gyms. Though, others want to keep the significant cobble streets that line our city. How do you feel?

Source: Alexandria Project Rejected for being Too Trendy 

Good News / Bad News

October 10th, 2014 • By: bcchrisc Development, News

With a new jobs report released last month, it’s no secret that the economy is still drastically recovering from its 2008 downfall. Overall, locally the economy in Alexandria continues to grow as new job opportunities open up in light of office expansion and the relaunch 0f Springfield Mall. Though, throughout the Washington DC area, it seems that employment rates will be worse before they become better. In a Washington Post article last week, Journalist J.D. Harrison explains this slow growth. “The area’s unemployment rate ticked up to 5.2 percent after three straight months at 5 percent and, before that, three straight months at 4.8 percent. It’s also higher than the 4.9 percent where it started the year — not a good sign, considering this was supposed to be the year that the Washington economy finally bounced back from a years-long slump.”

So what does this all mean? The work force is continuing to rise slowly; however, industries such as entertainment and leisure have seen a large jump in numbers in the past year. “Some of the industries less dependent on government do appear to be bouncing back, at least in comparison with the professional services and federal government sectors. Local leisure and hospitality companies, for example, which were hit hard by the economic downturn, continued to rebound, adding 8,000 positions. Not once this year has that industry posted year-over-year job gains under 6,000.”

If you are in the area and need guidance or have particular questions about the market, we can help.


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AEDP’S Mid Year Report

September 23rd, 2014 • By: bcchrisc Community, Development, News, Real Estate

AEDP mid year report

For the full report click here: Alexandria: The State of the Market

OTBD First Annual Fashion Show

September 19th, 2014 • By: bcchrisc News

The runway was set and the models were decked out last night for the Old Town Boutique District’s First Annual Fashion Walk. Held at Sara Campbell, local women modeled the latest Fall fashions from Hysteria, The Shoe Hive, and of course, Sara Campbell. Many loyal shoppers showed up in support of this fashionable event which kicks off OTBD’s annual Scavenger Hunt. Highlights included sips and snacks at all three stores, and a reusable tote as the gift with purchase. With Alexandria continuing their growth of fashion forward boutiques, it was great to see loyal customers and many new faces. The Scavenger Hunt will be held this weekend at all of OTBD stores. Prizes include a chance to win a $100 gift card from each participating store. Happy Shopping.

OTBD Fashion Show