How Design Lab is Changing the Workspace

By bcchrisc • April 11th, 2014

If you think of the typical office, you might envision cubicles, bookshelves, and a drip coffee pot where employees congregate. Today, with an abundance of young entrepreneurs and tech start-ups, the workplace is drastically shifting to fit the needs of its former 9-5 workers who have increasingly become connected 24-7. Vornado’s DesignLab opened this year in Crystal City and features not only small suites for businesses with shared work spaces, but, walls you can write on and virtual receptionists. ¬†Shared work spaces are not a new concept, rather, they have evolved over the past couple of years due to the number of budding independently owned businesses. Will it work? We say absolutely. How many hours are you actually at your desk during a typical work day? Between client lunches and phone calls, having a place where you can come and go as you please or pay for a hourly conference room sounds ideal for many up-and-coming entrepreneurs . With Washington quickly become a hub for tech start-ups, this fast paced work environment equipped with clean and echo-friendly features will soon be the norm.


(Photo by CitybizList)

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