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Braddock Commercial is a sponsor of the Washington Winter Show

Braddock Commercial is a sponsor of the Washington Winter Antique Show January 10-13 at the Katzen Arts Center at American University.  This year’s theme is “Thrill of the Chase – Antiques of the Sporting Life.” Braddock is co-sponsoring Jazz Night on Saturday Jan 12.  Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.  

Braddock Commercial to host Men’s Night at the Shoe Hive

Braddock Commercial is  hosting Men’s Night at the Shoe Hive, from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday, December 18th.  Get all of your holiday shopping done while you eat, drink, and decide on gifts for your loved ones.  Can’t stand wrapping presents?  They’ll do it for you! You’ll never go back to shopping any other way.

Real Estate Investors Likely to Face New Tax Bite

Some Investors Likely to Face New Tax Bite Those Dabbling in Real Estate Could See Surtax on Rental Income Starting Jan. 1; Just Who Qualifies Is in Question By A.D. PRUITT The presidential election could determine whether the wealthiest Americans will see their income taxes rise or fall. But there is one tax increase that […]

Braddock Commercial President Christopher Campagna quoted in CoStar Watch List Newsletter

  “Most of our clients have already accounted for the worst case, and pulled back,” explains Christopher M. Campagna, president of Braddock Commercial Real Estate Services in Alexandria, VA. “So, when the worst case does not materialize we will have a mini-boom of spending activity resulting in good leasing activity in the second and third […]

What is next?

  What is next?  Tell us what you think the now closed GenOn power plant should become  Here is American Clean Skies Foundation vision for the site:   Potomac River Green